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By: Bizop Team
Published: October 20, 2017, 1:20 am
Should You Take Out a Reverse Mortgage? A Beginner’s Guide Is a reverse mortgage right for you? Maybe. If you’re a struggling entrepreneur who needs more operating cash for your business each month, a reverse mortgage could help. There could be other circumstances, as well, in which a reverse mortgage could be helpful. Read on to find out more.   RELATED ARTICLE: 5 THINGS SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS SHOULD CONSIDER BEFORE APPLYING FOR LOANS   How Will You Know If a Reverse Mortgage Is Right for You? Homeowners who are 62 years of age or older are often bombarded with (Read more...)

By: Bizop Team
Published: October 11, 2017, 8:13 am
An Income Conveyor Belt: How to Build Passive Income Passive income is everyone’s ultimate dream, right? Having passive income is like having an income conveyor belt that allows you to make money for your business while you do absolutely nothing. However, achieving the reality is far from easy. Being able to rely on a passive income requires hard work upfront. There is no magic switch you can install on your business’s website. You’ll have to be willing to do the work in the beginning and keep things running with routine maintenance after that. That’s because if there’s (Read more...)

By: Bizop Team
Published: October 7, 2017, 1:27 am
How to Get Tax Breaks Before You Even Start Your Own Business It’s an exciting time for entrepreneurs to be starting up their own business. Never before have there been so many unique niches in the market. What’s more, any one of them can be properly filled by a nascent business that understands how to stay lean and mean. Especially if it does what some of the bigger corporations can’t. Yet it’s also an extremely competitive business world. That means that every penny saved during the startup portion of a business can truly make a difference. This is true (Read more...)

By: Bizop Team
Published: October 6, 2017, 1:35 am
Don’t Let a Glitch Cause Your Business Monetary Loss In 2015, Starbucks suffered a loss of more than $4 million because of a simple glitch that prevented sales during the course of a few hours on a busy day. The malfunction affected them internationally (between Canada and the USA), which multiplied their monetary loss. This loss was triggered by a simple and easily avoidable malfunction. That is, despite being such a large corporation, it is clear that they did not prioritize their point of sale (POS) system. Luckily, business owners have ways to grapple with and even anticipate such a (Read more...)

By: Bizop Team
Published: October 3, 2017, 12:21 am
Credit Cards: Reliable Reviews for Your Small Business Credit cards get a polarized reaction from many small business owners. They either view credit cards as a great opportunity or a trap. It’s true that there are certain pitfalls. But as Forbes Magazine explains, there are benefits to financing a business with a credit card if you pay careful attention and invest wisely. Credit cards offer more than just a way to earn money through financing or rewards. They also provide a quick way to track employee spending, which will ultimately save time and money that you would have spent on (Read more...)

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Published: October 2, 2017, 2:10 am
Photo by Picography, CC0 1.0 10 Factors That Make a Life Insurance Plan Worth Your Money Life insurance. You may think that because you’re young and just starting out in business that you don’t need it. However, there are so many benefits to having a life insurance policy—and the sooner you get one, the better. Keep reading to learn about the factors that make life insurance plans worth your money, no matter what your age.   RELATED ARTICLE: 4 REASONS WHY EVERY ENTREPRENEUR NEEDS BUSINESS HEALTH INSURANCE   1. Do You Have Dependents? If so, You Need (Read more...)

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Published: September 27, 2017, 10:12 am
When It’s Time to Consider a Small Business Loan Many people who start their own business do so because of the autonomy and independence that it offers them. For the most part, business owners don’t have to answer to anyone when they make decisions. That kind of freedom is enticing. But ignoring all possible assistance can be a recipe for disaster. This is especially true when you need some extra money for business purposes, money that might not be available right at that time. That’s when small business owners should consider a business loan to help them with any capital needs (Read more...)

By: Carrol Strain
Published: September 20, 2017, 8:51 am
These 4 Emotions Lead to Investing Mistakes There’s often little logic in the movements of the market, and it can be easy to make investing mistakes. This is because stocks move at the whim of human beings, who can often be illogical and driven by emotions. Plenty of technical and fundamental analyses have been done on equities. However, one their most important influences is human psychology. Realizing this can help you learn how to invest better and avoid investing mistakes. Psychology is a vital but under-appreciated element of stock trading. This is because most analysts are more mathematically focused. But those (Read more...)

By: Bizop Team
Published: September 15, 2017, 12:21 am
B2B Payments Still Largely Driven by Paper Cheques In a perfect digital world, any transaction involving paper cheques would seem out of place. Electronic payments would always be the number-one option. Forget about cash, cheques and all the troubles they come with. But of course, the reality is far from perfection. And every business owner has a distinct definition of what the perfect payment system is for his or her business. For many, cheques are still the way to go. The use of cheques can be seen across a variety of organization types. It has been that way for decades (Read more...)

By: Bizop Team
Published: September 15, 2017, 12:18 am
Making Dollars and Cents of Your Debt New businesses and old businesses alike routinely require debt and lines of credit to maintain operations. That’s because one of the most important determinants of a business’s ability to succeed in the modern age is cash flow. Simply put, cash flow is the money that is transferred into a business and the money that flows out of the business. It is a measure of a business’s liquidity. Businesses that struggle with cash flow invariably find themselves in a pickle. That’s when things like financing and credit availability become important.   RELATED ARTICLE: (Read more...)