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Top Business Industries of 2016
By: Dane Carlson
Published: March 8, 2016, 1:54 pm

Have you been thinking about starting your own business? If so, it’s important to choose a business model and industry that has a good chance of success, and that is something that actually interests you. Let’s look at the top business industries from 2016 to get an idea of what types of businesses could still make good opportunities in the coming year.

Legal Marijuana

The landscape of the country is changing, and now that marijuana is legal in a number of states for medicinal and recreational usage, it could be a good time to throw your hat into the ring. There are a number of different avenues for entry into this business. Selling merchandise and opening up a recreational marijuana dispensary are two of the top ways that people are getting involved.

Wellness Services for Corporations

Corporations have been looking for a way to help make their employees healthier, and they have increasingly been turning to wellness services. This could be something as simple as providing massages to corporate businesses, offering dietary and physical fitness counseling, wellness fairs, and similar offerings. The corporations want to spend less on healthcare, and they realize that having healthier employees can help make that happen.

Relaxation Beverages

You are probably familiar with all of the energy drinks that have been popular for a number of years now. However, times are changing, and all of those “charged up” people are now looking for a way to relax. Drinks that can help to promote relaxation and a good night’s sleep are becoming popular.

Food Trucks

Many people have always wanted to own their own restaurant, but they could never afford the money it takes to get the eatery going. However, street vendors using food trucks have been doing very well. It costs less to start, and the demand for these types of trucks in urban areas is still on the rise. If you have a good idea and a tasty product, there is a chance that you could do well. Since you are in a mobile vehicle, you do not have to worry about finding the right location for your restaurant. Instead, you can go to where all of the people are.

Internet Publishing/Broadcasting

The barrier for entry when publishing on the web is very low, and the same is true for broadcasting and creating videos. While there is a substantial amount of competition in the field, when you find a niche and are able to create quality content, you can find and grow your audience. This is true of your blog, as well as your YouTube channel.

Online Security Services

Consulting and offering solutions for online security is extremely important now, and this field shows no signs of slowing. With the number of online threats out there currently, individuals and companies are always in need of better security for their online activities.

These are just some of the top industries from 2015, and you will find that they are likely to remain popular over the coming years.