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Sourcing Comprehensive Coverage for Your Business in Cases of Injury on the Job
By: Bizop Team
Published: May 9, 2017, 1:54 am

Sourcing Comprehensive Coverage for Your Business in Cases of Injury on the Job

Personal injury attorneys are a necessary component of any business’s legal team for several reasons. Such attorneys can help businesses determine which practices are more likely to cause an accident and what kind of litigation a business can expect in the event a compromise of this nature should occur.


Legal Protections for Businesses

A personal injury attorney may be necessary to help source compensation for someone who has been damaged or injured as a result of recklessness, negligence, or other factors. They can also help protect the business should a suit be brought to bear. Likely, employees will have their own attorneys.

Personal injury attorneys are integral to helping protect a business’s rights in the event of an accident and also for providing protections for employees. Having a personal injury attorney on your team bolsters the image of your business professionally and can help you avoid the need to pay out settlements—especially if you’ve developed and followed safety procedures based on your attorney’s advice.

Further, a business which hires an attorney to help keep accidents from happening and to help those who may potentially be injured in the event of an accident is a business which shows itself to be altruistic and above board.


Some Settlement Factors

There are many factors which go into an injury that are worth considering as well, and the right attorney can help your business understand the risks that may accompany certain activities.

For example, in addition to wage remuneration there’s psychological trauma and recuperation after a stay in the hospital. It’s not likely that the injured parties will be wheeled out in a chair, skip to their feet and start doing the Macarena down the pavement.

The reality is more likely that they’ll have several weeks to several months of recovery time after a significant injury. This can stretch into years or even result in a lifelong dependency on medical care. You want legal help to navigate such eventualities.


Additional Collateral Damages

An injured employee could develop severe psychological damages from the accident that make hiring them back on the team a very real risk. In such cases, advocacy goes both ways. The right attorney can help negotiate a proper settlement for the sake of both the business and the employee.

Certainly some companies have the requisite altruism to help employees re-attain their previous position after such an injury, but many have a “sour grapes” attitude after meting out worker’s compensation, and though the accident was not anyone’s fault, they secretly consider the injured party to have done something amiss.

You don’t want to come across that way as a business, or additionally have that attitude even if the fault is demonstrably the employee’s. There are a minority of cases where injuries of this type end up being so egregious to a company’s bottom line that financial implosion results, so look at paying worker’s comp fees as infrastructural.

When you’re considering an injury lawyer, it makes sense to go through a reputable group which offers, “…a team that includes your own lawyer, case manager, legal assistant, and if your case needs to go to trial, a board-certified civil trial lawyer.”


Recovering Financially in Even the Worst-Case Scenario

Groups such as these specialize in more than simple compensation cases for injured employees. After all, this is not the only kind of personal injury an individual can sustain. Reckless behavior and negligence on the part of businesses, governments, or other individuals can also cause terrible injuries. These groups cover all the bases.

Sometimes, even death can result from a bad enough injury, and in that case a huge settlement will not begin to cover the emotional trauma employees and their families can sustain. As an employer, you want the kind of insurance that can help protect against such an incident, so having a personal injury lawyer on staff can help everybody.

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