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Pizza, Packages, Petals and Newspapers: Delivering Fast with Safety Always in Mind
By: Matthew Winter
Published: February 6, 2017, 8:16 pm

We live in the digital age, yet you would be surprised at how much we still rely on old fashioned services, such as delivery.  The roads are filled with eighteen wheelers, vans, and cars carrying goods to our favorite grocery and department stores or straight to our doors.  Those who provide speedy and efficient delivery please their customers and bosses, but delivery drivers shouldn’t take risks in order to do this. Read on for how to provide safe services.


Keep Distractions to a Minimum

In today’s age of technology, it’s becoming increasingly harder to ignore beeps, blips, and flashing screens; it’s what drivers need to commit to safety and present awareness, but it’s especially needed for service drivers who are on the road more often and toting other people or materials.  Distractions include newer ones such as sending texts or surfing the Internet on one’s cell phone while driving, yet ‘traditional’ actions such as toying with the radio or searching for items within the inside cabin count too.  Keep the number of distractions down and the level of safety and awareness raised.

Make Eye Contact

People are not suddenly alone and independent when riding in vehicles.  It’s incredibly important to maintain eye contact with pedestrians and other drivers, especially at four-way intersections where drivers are responsible for upholding the law and deferring to other drivers when lights are not present.  While laws are set in place and drivers assume others on the road are upholding the law, the level of safety can be increased through the use of hand and facial gestures.  Don’t underestimate the power of human connection; make eye contact.


Add a Buffer Zone

Delivery drivers may be compensated depending on how many deliveries are completed, or to add to the number of tips, drivers may use speed as a way to make more money during a shift.  However, speed is the main enemy to road safety.  Maintain a safe distance between you and other vehicles.  That means making an effort to stay safely behind other drivers; no ‘tailgating’ other drivers, even if you believe they are moving too slow.  Wait for your opportunity and safely pass them.  Don’t exceed the speed limit or use intimidation tactics to pass other drivers on the road.

Be an Extension of the Vehicle

Those in larger vehicles need to serve as an extension to make others aware of turns, reverse movement, etc.  For example, some drivers grow accustomed to certain sounds which may not affect them and put them in harm’s way.  Some trucks elicit a beeping sound when backing up.  However, the sound is more uniform than an abrupt horn.  Therefore, a driver who supplements the truck beeps with the use of the horn will make others safer.


Think Ahead

No, service drivers don’t need to be clairvoyant, yet those who spend a lot of time on the roads can develop greater insight.  For example, if you notice a person is using their phone while driving, make an effort to get away from them.  Secondly, if you notice that another driver has a lot of belongings in their car that is blocking their rear view, you’ll want to make a mental note of it.  Safe drivers do a good job of keeping responsible yet they are also great at projecting what other drivers might do.  However, if you are injured in a car wreck, you need to seek proper legal counseling.

Be Careful When Maintaining Funds

Delivery drivers may carry money on them for change, due to collecting from clients or vendors, etc.  Therefore, a driver needs to be aware that they may be targeted by robbers and scammers.  Some drivers may keep a small bundle of cash on their person while keeping other payments in a lockbox.  Alternatively, some bosses may require drivers to carry firearms or other means of precaution and protection.  Additionally, drivers are often told not to pick up hitchhikers or offer to help stranded drivers who may have unscrupulous intentions.


Get Ready for the Weather

Delivery drivers do their jobs regardless of the weather.  That means drivers must deal with intense heat, icy roads, torrential downpours, and more.  While the boss of the outfit is responsible for ensuring supplied vehicles are up to code and fit for the weather, drivers can supplement such actions with bringing along provisions and preparing for accidents, breakdowns, and severe weather.  Additionally, drivers need to prepare for how other drivers will behave on the road.  They may have to factor in longer route times, alternative paths, etc.

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