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Phone Tracker Tools: Can You Use Them in Your Business?
By: Bizop Team
Published: August 27, 2017, 11:47 pm

Phone Tracker Tools: Can You Use Them in Your Business?

Do you use phone tracker tools in your business? There are plenty of legitimate reasons to do so. For instance, you might want to keep track of expensive equipment in the field. Additionally, parents sometimes use them to monitor their children’s activities outside of the home.

However, there are some valid ethical and legal concerns about the use of these tools, and this article highlights some of them.




How Trump’s Administration Is Using them to Track Illegal Immigrants

From the outset, Donald Trump’s administration has been riddled with controversy. During his campaigns, for instance, he promised to deal with the burden of illegal immigrants. One of the ways he proposed to do this was by building a wall along the American border with Mexico. He has not made good this threat. However, he has embarked on fulfilling his promise of dealing with illegal immigration in the United States. He has ordered his security forces to crack down on undocumented immigrants and transport them to detention centers in preparation for deportation. In his campaign he has incorporated the use of phone tracker tools.

Initially, phone tracker tools were designed to be used by the military in its foreign investigations. So their use in civilian life raises concerns. As a matter of fact, human rights advocates have criticized federal agents for using these trackers in dealing with local criminal investigations.

As Trump intensifies his campaign on undocumented immigration, human rights advocates and ordinary citizens alike strongly denounce his methods. Officials are accused of using blanket tracking tools that violate the fundamental rights of immigrants and others to privacy. In their spirited campaigns, these police officers now use tools such as StingRay cell site simulators to smoke out immigrants.



How the StingRay Phone Tracker System Works

Phone tracker tools use StingRay technology and are as small as a suitcase. Usually installed in roaming vehicles and airplanes, they locate cell phones in a given area. But how does Stingray technology work, and why is it a subject of debate among human rights advocates? There are a couple of important reasons.

To begin with, these tools work in a way that is counter to established conventions. The tools impersonate the cell phone towers that private companies deploy. The counterfeit relay in turn tricks a mobile phone into divulging its location. In this way, the handset opens the door for the tracking system to access the contents of a mobile device’s voice call and text message details.

The biggest issue is not that phone tracker tools intrude on the privacy of the illegal immigrants the state agents are looking for, no. The problem is that they also gather similar information from innocent civilians nearby. It is such a blanket netting that raises concerns over violations of people’s right to privacy.


A Shroud of Mystery

Federal police who use them deny that anything is amiss. They often cite having used “advanced technology” to track an immigrant. However, they use vague language to describe their tracking and how their technology works.


This Is Why It Is Raising Eyebrows

Despite continued outcry from legal practitioners, law enforcers are not coming clean about what their real agenda is. Many legal and human rights advocates are suspicious that governments are setting the ground to expand the scope of phone trackers’ usage. These people fear that governments are preparing to monitor people’s private communications without cause. In other words, the concern is that agents could decide to track anyone for any reason they deem necessary. Afterward, they could describe their activities as being tied to “homeland security.”


Legal Challenges and Hurdles

At the moment, citizens in the United States can rest easy. That’s because the current legal framework is still on their side. For example, the law requires that all state officers have to obtain warrants before they can use this technology. If they don’t have a warrant, then federal judges have the legal obligation throw out any evidence against a suspect in a court of law. Unless things change in the near future, you still have the law on your side to protect your right to privacy even when you are under state investigation.

This is how things are playing out in the United States. This pattern is yet to increase given the rise of insecurity and the challenges that arise from terrorism. If you are not facing the same in your country or state, then prepare yourself.


The Debate Continues

Law enforcers and human rights advocates still argue about whether it’s all right for strangers to track people’s phones. Even if people track others they know, there are those who maintain that a person still has a right to privacy, even if that person has been accused of wrongdoing.

These legal technicalities mean that you need to be discreet in the ways you use your phone tracking apps. Begin by purchasing from credible sellers like Mspy to ensure you will be a smart user who will not land on the wrong side of the law.

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