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Is 2017 the Year of Zero Waste? Three Surprising New Business Trends
By: Giannella Alvarez
Published: February 6, 2017, 11:42 pm

With the New Year in full swing, there are a few emerging business trends that could make a big impact on companies and consumers in 2017.

Question: When you buy food and drinks, do you consider what kind of impact your choice makes on the planet?

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2017 will be the year that consumers start answering this question with a big “yes.” Based on our experience at Harmless Harvest, the first (and only) premium, organic and Fair For Life coconut water brand, the following trends will gain a foothold in big businesses in 2017.


1. Doing well by doing good

This year, brands will start thinking deeply about their impact beyond just their product. They’ll also build meaningful relationships with their consumers by aiming to deliver value and transparency—even if that means higher costs of doing business.

2. Fair for Life

Our Fair For Life certification means we are committed to fair sourcing practices and have a responsibility to provide fair working conditions to everyone who touches our product, from farmers and factory workers in Thailand, to our offices here in the US. Through Fair for Life, we commit to tracing all of our products from production to sales, which allows us to safeguard human rights and working conditions throughout all stages of production. We also pay a premium on every coconut purchased, which provides a fund that farmers are empowered to use for social community projects such as school uniforms and mobile health clinics. Year over year, our Fair for Life certification shows our continued commitment to constructive capitalism as we strive to benefit every person and entity involved in the making of our product.

3. Zero waste

As companies are being held more and more accountable for their environmental impact, the concept of using the whole plant or animal is gaining traction and showing up in new products and line extensions.

Harmless Harvest is one of those companies that are leading this revolutionary time in the beverage industry. We recently released a new 32 oz. bottle and an incredibly delicious and healthy line of probiotic beverages –Harmless Coconut Probiotics. Additionally, our probiotic beverages take us one step closer to our vision of being a zero-waste company.

Deliberately building a business at the forefront of each of these trends and taking a holistic view of product, people, and planet, Harmless Harvest strives to be an example of how, in the near future, companies will show the power one business can have in making a difference.

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