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Innovative Small Business Opportunities of the Future
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Published: June 21, 2017, 2:34 pm

Some of the most successful people in the world are those that are able to look ahead and anticipate the needs of the consumer before their competitors catch on. The strategy to grow your entrepreneurial enterprise contains a great deal of risk; however the playout potential is sometimes too great to not want to get involved! As well as working towards having an impact on cultural level, an entrepreneur also has the potential to go one step further and have an economic one too, while potentially considering doing business globally. Entrepreneurs are often seen as being people who deliberately operate in a way that allows them to stand out and become leaders as opposed to followers. For example, consider the rise of the internet or automobiles – these were all grown from the smallest of operations that collectively moulded themselves into the present day giants of the economy that we see today, probably far surpassing what they initially thought could ever be possible.

Right now we are witnessing a push in terms of looking ahead at the sorts of small business opportunities that will evolve into becoming significant in the future. Currently, the areas that are seeing the largest growth potential stand at being those that involve technology, entertainment and those that seek to accommodate the growth in population size. While some of the following innovative small business opportunities may seem somewhat far-fetched, that is not to say that they cannot lead the way and potentially become revolutionary!

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Vertical Farmer

As we touched upon earlier, there is certainly a need for innovation and entrepreneurship when it comes to being able to live in a self-sufficient way that is aligned with the scale at which the population of the world is growing. One area which is increasingly being put under fire is the fact that we are struggling with being able to increase our food output in line with the number of people who are in need of it. At the moment we tend to rely on single story greenhouses which allow us to save water and increase productivity, but there is talk of being able to stack these to form a structure that allows us to use less space whilst also increasing output. This concept of vertical farming comes from the idea of producing ‘City Food’ in urban environments as mentioned by disease ecologist Dickson Despommier.

Cryptocurrency Trader

If you haven’t already heard of Bitcoin or have not yet become familiarised with the notion of an alternative and entirely digital currency, then it may well be time to brush up your knowledge. In short, Bitcoin is a decentralised currency system that operates on a peer-to-peer basis and is designed to allow individuals in processing their purchases through digital units. While their full potential may not yet be fully recognisable (Bitcoin is currently very popular in online casinos, for example), there are others out there who are convinced that this is the industry of the future and will have more wide reaching influence. Trading in Bitcoin has some impressive benefits too, from transactions being entirely anonymous to not being taxed and not being interrupted by third parties. As the cryptocurrency giant is currently experiencing incredible success and rise in value and despite the fact that there is no definitive way of knowing how big the currency will become, there is little doubt that there will be jobs and new industries opening up as a result of its early successes.

3D Printing Store Owner

A 3D product is created through the process of addition – an object is creating through the layering of materials until a final item is created.  Companies like Google and Microsoft have enabled their hardware to accommodate the potential of 3D scanning and printing however while large corporations have given the nod towards the potential for growth in this arena, 3D printing machines are still very expensive. There are whispers that one day we will be able to rely on 3D printers being able to print anything from human skin to spare car parts (and everything in between) which is why it is interesting to look ahead at the potential of stores being able to print you out whatever your heart desires!

Nanomedicine Investor

There are rumours that the power of nanotechnology may soon be able to exceed our expectations, with a report from the British Government suggested that nanotechnology may soon be able to lead to the introduction of nanomedics performing subatomic medical procedures. To back up this insight, a computer science professor from Duke University has already claims to be making waves in creating nanobots that could insert electrons into neurons within our brains! While the technology that will be used to handle subatomic operations is still far from being a tangible reality, it is certainly not impossible to imagine medical procedures soon to be undertaken by robots. The question is who will make the biggest and most widely accessible advancements in this arena?

With the world moving ever closer towards becoming online-only, it seems that the possibilities in terms of what the future holds for entrepreneurs is endless. Through embracing the technology we have on offer at this point in time and combining that with entrepreneurial spirit and the gumption to want to push boundaries we will see some incredible things begin to happen!

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